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Stage curtain

Would you like to change the look of your truck? Think about how much influence a new curtain can have on the truck’s look. A stage curtain can look very lovely in your truck, and we can realize a custom-made stage curtain for you. If you pick this option, you can choose from curtains in all colours, and we can even embroider the curtain for you. So you get a curtain that fully meets all your needs.

Why a stage curtain in your truck?

The stage curtain in your truck is essential for the look of your cabin. If you install a stage curtain in the desired colours in your truck, the cabin will immediately look very different. In addition, a custom-made stage curtain is a relatively reasonable adjustment for your truck. If you want a beautiful stage curtain made, please contact us.

With us, you have endless possibilities. If desired, we can completely cover the cabin of your truck, but you can also order a separate curtain from us. If you want to customize your truck, you have chosen the right place.

We first map out your wishes.

Before starting working for you, we will first map out your wishes. We will ask you what colour the curtain should be and what other wishes you might have. Only when we have fully mapped out your wishes will we go to work for you. Our specialists have an excellent eye for detail and will ensure that you receive beautiful curtains.

Would you like us to realize a custom-made stage curtain? Then please get in touch with us or come by our office for an introductory meeting. We will be happy to show you some examples of what we can do for you.