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Bed plates

Would you like to order upholstery for the bedplates of your truck? Many truck drivers are on the road for so long that they also sleep in their trucks. Therefore, most trucks contain a bed and bed plates. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time in your truck and often sleep in it, it is nice if the truck is fully furnished to your liking. The average truck driver considers his truck a second home, so it would be nice to personalize the truck. M&M Truck Design can offer you that possibility. If desired, we can fully personalize the cabin of your truck. However, it is also possible to order loose upholstery, including your bed plates.

We can make any bedplate for you

we can deliver the bedplates you need, no matter what kind of idea you have in mind. This is because we can produce custom-made upholstery. The upholstery we provide does not come from a mass production factory. We produce the upholstery for your bedplates with great care and attention to detail. Our specialists know precisely how to create the most beautiful upholstery for you and always listen carefully to your wishes.

We are happy to show you some examples

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then we would be happy to show you several examples. If you are in the neighbourhood, you can always visit us, and we will welcome you with a cup of coffee and show you pictures of the bedplates that we have previously made possible.

Contact us by phone

Of course, you can also choose to contact us by phone for an informal talk. You can be sure of high-quality upholstery, but service is also our top priority.