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For a driver, the vehicle is essential. After all, if you are a driver, you spend a lot of time in the truck. Therefore, the truck must be comfortable. Many truck drivers choose to style their trucks. At M&M Truck Design, we are happy to help you with that. We can customize your truck entirely according to your wishes. For example, how about the lighting on the outside of your truck? We can provide your truck with the most beautiful LED lighting, a lightbox or roof lights.

Your truck exterior completely customized

You regularly come across beautiful trucks on the road. You can also have that kind of truck if you choose M&M Truck Design. We can help you with the styling of your truck exterior. The exterior will be completely custom-made. We can make a beautiful design for you, but also your design is one of the possibilities. Would you like to add advertising to the truck? Then you can also leave this to us. We can, for example, provide the truck with your company name or logo. Having your truck exterior customized will allow you to have a truck that you can be proud of. As a truck driver, that’s the best feeling.

Different kinds of lighting

At M&M Truck Design, often we are asked to apply different types of lighting on the truck. You can come to us for all forms of lighting for the inside and outside of your vehicle, including LED lights, spotlights, city lights, twilight lamps, and melon lights. Besides dealing with the truck exterior, you can also come to us for styling your truck interior. You can also let us install interior spotlights in all colours.

High-quality materials

When we style your truck exterior, we only use very high-quality materials. In that way, you can be sure that you will enjoy the renewed exterior of your truck for a long time. Styling your truck will also make your vehicle stand out more. Moreover, it also feels good to drive a truck that looks good. And if you let us style your truck, it will also stay safe.

Are you curious about our possibilities? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your wishes and options in detail.