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The curtains in your truck have a lot of influence on the cabin’s look. Would you like to change your truck’s style? Then it is advisable to replace the curtains so that your truck will be to your liking. At M&M Truck Design, we know better than anyone how to change your truck’s style. We are specialized in truck styling and can also realize separate blinds on demand. Do you think it is important that your truck meets all your requirements? If so, we will be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you.

The best curtains for your truck

The standard appearance of your truck curtains is relatively neutral. Your truck can sometimes feel like a second home if you are always on the road. In that case, it would be nice if you could also make it more personal. We know this better than anyone because we, too, come from the world of trucks.

We are happy to help you make sure your truck meets all your requirements. You can order individual blinds from us, but we can also completely upholster your truck. We can genuinely style every part of your truck.

What do your ideal curtains look like?

Let us know what the perfect curtains for your truck will look like, and we’ll be happy to get started for you. We can go over the options with you over the phone or stop by our office. If you have any other styling requirements for your truck, please let us know right away. We will then see what we can do for you.