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Installation of lighting

Only a few people spend as much time in their vehicles as truck drivers. Therefore, if you are a truck driver by trade, your truck is more than just a vehicle. Many truck drivers consider their truck as a second home, and therefore, it’s nice to have a truck that you can be proud of. Many truck drivers style their trucks with a unique look by using lighting. M&M Truck Design is the place to be for the installation and construction of lighting. With us, you have endless possibilities.

We can provide your truck with any lighting

We can provide your truck with every kind of lighting. Both for exterior and interior lighting, we can help you. Would you like to give your vehicle a unique look with LED lighting? Or would you like to replace your parking lights or headlights? Then you are at the right place. In addition, you can also contact us for sun visors, width posts, roof lights and lightboxes. We can make all these parts for you and build them in or on your truck.

A truck that stands out

The proper lighting will ensure that your truck stands out. Lighting is not just for advertising purposes; it also contributes to safety. If you would like to advertise, we can equip your vehicle with lighting in the form of your logo or company name. It is also possible to create your design. We can also make your truck safer by adding backlighting or a high-quality twilight lamp. We can put any lighting on or in your truck. For example, you can also contact us for melon lights.

When we provide the lighting for your truck, we will always use very high-quality parts. This way, you can enjoy the improved look of your truck for a long time.

Feel free to visit us

Would you like to install lighting in or on your truck? Then we would like to invite you to a no-obligation meeting. If you have an idea of what you would like, we can tell you more about the possibilities. We also like to think along with you. Of course, you can also contact us by phone if you are interested in our services or have any questions. We can do a lot more for you regarding truck styling.