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Cabin design and upholstery

If you are a truck driver by profession, you spend a lot of time in the cab of your truck. Therefore, it is essential that the cabin of your truck is comfortable and furnished according to your wishes. At M&M Truck Design, we can customize the interior of your vehicle entirely according to your wishes. We have the right passion and a high degree of craftsmanship. For example, we can provide the truck with handmade upholstery. When it comes to the cabin design of your truck, we can realize almost everything.

Customize your interior

Not only is it essential that you are comfortable in the cabin of your truck, but also the right atmosphere is essential. For many truck drivers, the truck is like a second home. Would you like to furnish the truck entirely to your taste? How about leather upholstery? Or would you instead choose upholstery in fake leather or plush fabric? We can also upholster your side panels and dashboard to custom upholstery for you. In addition, we are also the right place for bedplate buttons. We can realize the design for you if you have a complete design, but we can also help you make a design.

You can also order specific upholstery parts

We can also be of service to you if you do not want to have your cabin fully decorated but need specific parts of upholstery for your truck. You can contact us for both large and small pieces of paneling. Of course, we will apply the upholstery for you. When it comes to cabin design and upholstery, we are always able to help you.

We think along with you

At M&M Truck Design, we understand very well how important the cabin of your truck is. After all, you spend a lot of hours in it. Therefore we like to think along with you, to make sure you get a beautiful design that meets all your wishes. You can also leave the styling of the exterior of your truck to us. Or would you like to have a good audio installation built in alongside a beautiful cabin? That too is part of the possibilities!

Are you interested in truck styling and do you want to know more about our services? Then get in touch with us.